Why We Love Children’s Books –

Maria Popova nails it:

Great children’s books move young hearts, yes, but they also move the great common heart that beats in the chest of humanity by articulating in the language of children, which is the language of simplicity and absolute sincerity, the elemental truths of being: what it means to love, what it means to be mortal, what it means to live with our fragilities and our frissons. As such, children’s books are miniature works of philosophy, works of wonder and wonderment that bypass our ordinary resistances and our cerebral modes of understanding, entering the backdoor of consciousness with their soft, surefooted gait to remind us who and what we are.

Maria has a new children’s book available – you’ll find details here:


You may also be interested in the children’s book I co-produced with Gareth Higgins and artist Heather Lynne Harris. Maria Popova’s words helped me understand why I have felt this was such a special project.

You can order it here.

And this week, my new book Faith After Doubt releases. It’s not a kids’ book, and it has no pictures (although there are a few diagrams), but it’s a book that I trust can be of help to many. Folks who received their copies early are already sending super-encouraging messages to me. Here are the US and UK covers:

And here’s ordering information: