What People Are Saying …

We Make the Road by Walking has been out for about six months now. Here are some recent comments that I especially appreciated:
From Amazon.com:

I am on chapter 8 of this book. At one chapter a week, it will take 52 weeks to finish. This is not a read it straight through type book; it’s a read and reflect book.
So far it has made me rethink my view of God and my beliefs about my responsibility to others. Not bad for being only 1/6 into the book. Can’t imagine where it will take me in the coming year.

Christian educators will do well if they read it now devotionally and then design a curriculum for adult learners to begin at the beginning of September.

With his usual almost poetic clarity, Brian offers a weekly companion for walking with Jesus 52 weeks a year. Easy to use with small groups or for personal study, he continually reminds us of the profoundness of a God who loves us more than we could possibly imagine and who desires the best for each of us. When that truth sinks in, it revolutionizes your life! Our humanity seems to make it way too easy to forget that and fall backward in old patterns of thinking and living, but books like this help revitalize and revolutionize our lives daily. Thanks for another great book, Brian!

A reader posted on Twitter:

One chapter in to @brianmclaren’s “We Make The Road By Walking” and I’m already breathing deeper. So excited to spend a year with this book.

Another Twitterer tweeted:

me too. This week I’m trying to listen to God’s first language…the wind, water, plants and animals, sky.

I think you’ll enjoy the book. More here.