What I’ll Be Up to in 2020

Hi, friends … I’ve been looking over my calendar and started getting really excited about 2020. Yes, I know it’s going to be a difficult and dangerous year, and in many ways, I dread the vitriolic tweets and negative political ads (not to mention the outright lies and propaganda and hateful rhetoric) that 2020 will surely bring …

Yet on a deeper level, I’m feeling super motivated about the year ahead. Here are six reasons why.

First, I get to start the year co-leading a tour of the Galapagos Islands. This opportunity came up because of my new book on the Islands – which you can read about here. Look for our merry band of eco-adventurers on Instagram and Twitter, and learn more about the host organization, Tumbuh, here. Our January odyssey is full (and underway), but you might want to join them for another adventure this year. They do amazing work.

Second, you may have heard that there’s going to be an election this year (!). I am thrilled to be working with Vote Common Good, focusing on training candidates to reach out to religious voters, and inspiring religious voters to transcend conventional partisan thinking and learn to see politics from a common-good perspective. You can learn more about VCG here. The Vote Common Good Bus Tour will be in your state, too – don’t miss it! Everywhere I go, people tell me they want to get constructively involved in the national debate this year – here’s a great place to start.

Third, I’m honored to say that I’ve been invited to be part of the faculty of Center for Action and Contemplation and the Living School.  For about 20 years, Richard Rohr and I have been friends, and this invitation means I’ll be spending six or seven weeks in Albuquerque this year … with Richard, the other amazing faculty and staff, and so many other wonderful people with a wonderful mission and vision.

Fourth, I’ll continue my involvement in 2020 with the Auburn Senior Fellows Program, which you can learn about here. This group of multi-faith leaders has become a source or great inspiration and support in my life.

Fifth, I’ll continue on the board with Wild Goose Festival, which  flocks together each July in North Carolina. Maybe you should come this year!

Sixth, because of my other commitments, I’ll be doing much less speaking this year, but the speaking I’ll be doing will be especially worthwhile. Here’s a sampling – again, you might want to be involved!









Finally, I’ll be adding finishing touches to my next book, Faith After Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About It, It will come out in early 2021. I’ll also begin writing my following book (actually, I’ve already started), which will come out in 2022: Do I Stay Christian? You can keep up with all my writing here … and if you’re interested in a short (and inexpensive) e-book or music or lectures, here.

So that’s what I’m excited about as I look forward to 2020.


Of course, none of us can predict what the future holds … and so we plan and pray and prepare, and then adapt to all the surprises and unexpected challenges that come our way. We plan long term, but live in the moment, and enjoy each breath and heartbeat as a gracious gift from God.

I hope I’ll see many of you in the year ahead, and I hope you’ll seize each moment and live it to the full … work, play, rest, worship, silence, laughter, companionship, solitude, struggle, celebration. As my friend Ryan Meeks says, “Life is a gift, and love is the point.”