We Make the Road study … in German

My last book, We Make the Road by Walking, provides an overview of the whole Bible from a fresh perspective. It was written to be used in groups. Although the book hasn’t been translated into German yet, here are some resources for German readers:

Dear Brian,
About 18 months ago you allowed us to translate some chapters out of “We make the road ..”. Thank you very much. We had five monthly meetings from January to June with 10 ot 12 people attending. We had inspiring discussions and enjoyed your ideas and in depth thoughts about Jesus and the gospel.
Thank you very much.
Of course you are welcome to post our German translated chapters on your page (Chapters 15-17 an 21 – 25) we would be happy if they were useful to other people.

If you’re interested in using WMTRBW in English, you’ll find lots of resources here.