Wall Street Bailout

Two really helpful responses … make that three … no four:
First, from Chuck Collins … author of The Moral Measure of the Economy (one of the best books on a Christian view of economics I’ve ever seen – highly recommended).
Second, from Sojourners … where you can send a message telling our government not to bail out Wall Street without caring for “Main Street.”
Third, from Economic Pundit Jon Stewart

And Bob Carlton gets it right here. He says …

Devinder Sarma frames the contrast in priorities in STWR (Share The World’s Resources):
The one trillion dollar bailout package that President Bush is promising could have wiped out the last traces of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and squalor from the face of the Earth – if only our global leadership prioritised the poor with the same level of urgency as the financial crisis
It is shocking to me how silent American churchianity has been in the midst of this collapse. America’s Pastor has not said one word in the last 20 days about what is happening to people’s homes & their retirement, as well as the $1 trillion plan for financial PEACE. Mainline leaders have been silent as well, ironic given how much of their funding comes from the very investment bankers who drove this collapse. Those who tout themselves as traditionalist or orthodox have been fairly silent, despite their emphasis on free markets as an idea that is almost Biblical.

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