Trying to Make Sense of the Attempted Coup and Storming of the Capitol?

I’ve been getting lots of emails and texts since January 6 saying, “You’ve been telling us something like this would happen.” That’s because I’ve been taking seriously authoritarianism, doubt, and religious extremism.

Many are sharing helpful insights for which I’m grateful and from which I’m learning every day. Here’s what I have to offer to the conversation:

The Second Pandemic: Authoritarianism and Your Future – This extended essay/short ebook summarizes my research on authoritarianism as a psychological, sociological, political, and religious reality. It’s available here.

Why Don’t They Get It? Overcoming Bias in Others and Yourself – One of the tricks that authoritarian leaders, movements, and regimes use is telling people what they want to hear by playing into their biases. To protect yourself and others you love, it really helps to understand common biases. It’s available here.

Faith After Doubt: My newest book presents doubt, not as a rejection of faith, but as a rejection of authoritarianism. It’s available here.

The Five Electorates – You’ll find two versions of this information that explains how conservatives and traditionalists have been won over as authoritarian followers. If you’re asking, “How could Evangelicals or Catholics or conservatives follow a corrupt authoritarian?”, you’ll find helpful answers here.

Also this – The Rise of the Authoritarian Voter

My Thoughts on the Storming of the US Capitol – A British publication asked for my reactions, especially connecting religion and the coup attempt. Available here.

This short piece might also be of interest: What We Overheard