Tonight …

I’ll be on the live broadcast of Evolutionary Christianity with Michael Dowd. You can listen in on a 90-minute, live panel discussion featuring Gretta Vosper, Ian Lawton, Bruce Sanguin, Sally Morgenthaler, and me, with host and moderator Michael Dowd. Questions that will be discussed include:

How has an evolutionary faith perspective made a difference in the life of your congregants?
What is the role of the Christian church (and individual Christians) in a time of increasing secularization?
Where have you needed courage in bringing an evolutionary view into the pulpit, or into religious education, and what were the consequences of your doing so?
If most people think of Christianity in mythic, otherwordly terms, why call a religious orientation that is concerned with this world and this life “Christian”?
In addition to questions folks have already submitted, there will also be opportunity to pose your questions during the broadcast (live, via computer interface).

WHEN: 5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern [1:00am UTC]
HOW TO LISTEN BY PHONE: dial (248) 464-6062, then enter Access Code: 874720#
JOIN THE CONVERSATION: About one hour into the discussion, we’ll take your questions, via instant message in the teleseminar window on your computer. You may also send us your questions in advance, for today’s panelists as well as for any of the upcoming panels, on the Live Seminars page of our blog.

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