Tis a gift to be simple … church

We hear a lot of complaints about the state of the church … but Jim Burklo wrote a piece recently profiling some beautiful churches …
And I must say that in my travels, I keep running into beautiful congregations doing great things. There are more out there than you might think.
Last Sunday, I loved being at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids … There was a humble, reverent, enthusiastic joyful spirit, plus one of the most beautiful sets of worship songs I’ve heard in ages.
I was especially thrilled to see how my book Naked Spirituality has been a resource in a year-long engagement with “12 simple words.”
People posted simple expressions of thanks on blue post-its … They wrote simple expressions of “help” that were folded into birds and suspended from the ceiling … They even spray-painted graffiti expressions of “no” (rage and refusal) that were incorporated into a beautiful work of art. I posted photos over on my Facebook page (which I hope you’ll “like” if you haven’t already!).
Also on my Facebook page – a beautiful quote from a new book about church. Molly Phinney Baskette’s new book, Real Good Church, is brimming with hope and great ideas.