The Latest from Immokalee Workers

This is a big week for my friends at Coalition for Immokalee Workers. A group of workers and supporters are walking 200 miles to demonstrate to the leadership of Publix (a major grocer in the South) their good faith in wanting them to join the Fair Food Campaign.
Here’s my Huffington Post piece on the march:
And here’s an invitation from some friends of mine to support the march (after the jump):

During their 2-week, 200-mile March, the CIW is telling everyone along the way . . .
It’s time! Make your plans! Join us Sunday, March 17. We can’t do it alone. Publix will not sign without you beside us. March for six hours, or three hours, or don’t march at all. Simply sit under the tents and greet marchers as they arrive at corporate headquarters, but please COME. Come celebrate the new day in agribusiness ushered in by the Fair Food Program. And come invite Publix to sign on.
This isn’t just another event. This is a GROUNDBREAKING EVENT. Publix is the kingpin—the largest corporation in Florida and a major buyer of tomatoes. When they sign the Fair Food Agreement, it will be a HISTORIC MILESTONE in the struggle; it will close the loophole, secure the new day, and other corporations will follow their good example. So please come! Make the sacrifice. Take a stand for justice. Together we can rock Publix’s corporate headquarters to its foundation stones.
See the CIW website for maps, registration and more!
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