The brave and brilliant Matthew Foxes raises some questions …

The brave and brilliant Matthew Fox raises the following questions for the anti-gay wing of the Catholic Church. I’d say they are equally appropriate for Protestants to consider:
You can read his original post (with illustrations and links) here:
Since Jesus never once talked about homosexuality, it seems strange that you consider it a pillar of your faith. Where do you get your sureness buttressing your homophobia?
Doesn’t your certainty about gay morality closely resemble the certainty of the inquisitors in the 17th century who knew for certain that the sun moves around the earth?
How is religion’s response to the subject of homosexuality any different from religion’s response to the Copernican and Galilean scientific discoveries?
The church was proven wrong over 400 years ago, and when Pope John Paul II finally apologized in the 1970’s, he said the church had learned its lesson about listening to science. Why is the church again rejecting science when it comes to homosexuality?
Have you studied the document published in 1973 from the American Psychology Association making clear that homosexuality is part of human diversity and about 8-10% of any given human population is going to be gay?
How can you persecute 8-10% of the human population therefore?
How many among you are self-hating gays?
Doesn’t this impede spiritual leadership, since Jesus taught to “love your neighbor as yourself”?
Psychologist Erich Fromm explains that the psychology behind fascism is self-hatred. Does your support of authoritarian politicians derive from self-hatred?
Do you saddle up with billionaire types because your often bankrupted dioceses (that are bankrupt because you chose to cover up sexual abuse rather than expose it) need their money?
Why do you think your desire to limit women’s right to choose what is best for their bodies should take precedence in the presidential year of 2024 over the survival of the planet as we know it?
Have you read Pope Francis’s two encyclicals on Climate Change and the talk he gave (via a surrogate because he was ill) at the current COP gathering? Why does the future of the planet not factor as priority #1 for presidential election year 2024?
Here is a link for the two encyclicals Matthew Fox mentioned:
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Fratelli tutti:
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