Thanks, friends in England!

First, to the good people of Greenbelt (tour organizer), and to Hodder & Stoughton (my UK publisher and co-sponsors), thanks for arranging a wonderful tour for my new book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? (Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World).
Special thanks to Phil Smith, Paul Northrop, Katherine Venn, and Claire Casagrande – excellent travel companions, and to Anke Links for unsurpassed logistics. Greenbelt knows how to plan and present great events – and not just in the summer! Ian Metcalfe and all the Hodder team provided great support as well. Thanks.
Thanks to the hosts – at Methodist House, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and in London, at Manchester Cathedral, at Birmingham Cathedral (including Sanctuary), in Newcastle, Bristol, and Southampton. Each event was memorable and all the guests felt warmly welcomed because of you.
Enthusiastic thanks to my conversation partners – Malia Bouattia in Birmingham, Robert Cohen in Manchester, Mona Siddiqui in Newcastle, Mohammed Ansar in Bristol and Southampton, and Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand in London. In each city, I felt I made a new friend. I thank God for each of you, and I say salaam, shalom, shukran, and toda to each of you.
In each city we had a wonderful musician – Jasmine Kennedy, Gareth Davies-Jones, and Miriam Jones. Thanks for your beautiful contributions!
And finally, thanks to all who came. It was so gratifying to meet people who were long-time readers of my books, along with those who were new and potential readers. May we be, as St. Francis said, instruments of God’s peace.