Thank you, Eric Haines …

Back in 2008, I was joined by my friends Linnea Nilsen Capshaw, Denise Van Eck, Tracy Howe Wispelwey, Eric Haines, and others to plan and present the Everything Must Change tour. We visited eleven cities and helped stir conversations and spur friendships that have continued to grow ever since.
Eric Haines was our sound and tech guy. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. None of us will forget his smile, his dry sense of humor, his cheerful attitude, his ability to fix anything, his extraordinary generosity, his desire to serve, his technical skill, and his ever-pleasant company. (Not to mention his distaste for air travel.) He was beloved by all who knew him, especially those in his local church.
In November, Eric came down to Washington, DC, to do some video work for the Cana Initiative. When I saw him, I knew he wasn’t feeling well. He told me about a persistent cough and terrible pain in his hip. A few days later he was diagnosed with cancer, and he passed away a few days ago.
When I’m discouraged or tempted to be cynical about things, I just need to think of Eric. He lived well, loved well, did good work, and blessed the world with many good works. He wasn’t “famous” – he avoided the spotlight with the same energy many seek it. But he deserved to be known and appreciated as a good man, a good Christian, a good human being. Which is why I wanted to write these few words in his honor. I love you, Eric, will miss you, and will not stop thanking God for the gift of your friendship in my life.