Tears and Prayers, Questions and Thanks …

Since I cowrote Cory and the Seventh Story with my friend Gareth Higgins, an Irish peace activist and master storyteller, I’ve had the opportunity to read it aloud with groups of adults around the country.

The response has been surprising – and deeply gratifying.

People tell me the story has moved them deeply and even brought them to tears. One of the first questions is, “When will the book be available?” followed by “I want to use this in my class/church/small group. Are there additional resources available?” And even weeks after hearing the story, people thank us for the way it has stayed with them. “I see the world differently … I read the news headlines differently … I even read the Bible and pray differently … Thanks!” they say.

Cory and the Seventh Story  is now available for purchase. Illustrated by award-winning artist Heather Lynn Harris, it’s a unique resource to help people recognize six stories that lead to sadness and fighting … and to explore a seventh story that leads to peace and happiness. It’s written for young readers (ages 6 – 10), but it’s relevant for people of all ages.

It’s available now, only from our website.

You can also order our companion e-book for adults, The Seventh Story: Us, Them, and the End of Violence.

You can learn more here and order here.