Taize – Wild Goose

This is an email that doesn’t need a reply – it’s just to ask if you know about the wonderful ecumenical monastery/ retreat centre/ youth gatherings at Taize in France. I have just returned from an amazing week there and during that time it struck me how much you would love the place: spirituality – plenty of ancient practices! – inclusive, life-affirming theology, concern for the poor and marginalised of all kinds, simple but deeply moving music, peace, natural beauty, friendships across denominations and nations, (their passion is to see reconciliation between Christians in particular and the peoples of the world in general). So if you don’t know about it but might like somewhere to go and rest for a bit, I suggest you check it out at www.taize.fr. Probably best to avoid school holiday times, when I imagine the queues for the showers might take up a lot of the day! And don’t expect haute cuisine! If your French isn’t too hot, don’t worry – the main language is English, though if you are keen on languages you will be pleased to get an opportunity to hear a lot of different ones and to sing in them.
Thank you so much for everything you have written. You have been a tremendous help to me and to many others I know.

Yes – I’ve been following the important work of Taize for many years. US-based fans of Taize will be glad to know that a group of us are pulling together a gathering here that will have a lot of resonance with Taize … It’s called the Wild Goose Festival. It’s maiden voyage – June 23-26, 2011.