Sustainable Law versus Implicit Apologists for the Status Quo

A reader writes …

I am part of a group of xxx lawyers who have recently formed xxx Lawyers for Sustainability. We are interested in using our skills as lawyers to promote ecological, social and economic sustainability.
I am also just finishing your marvelous “Everything Must Change.” I’ve attempted to attend church in the past, but found them slack and passive, implicit apologists for the status quo. Your book shows a different way.

Thanks for your note … I have so much hope when I hear from folks like you. First, it’s thrilling to hear about lawyers, engineers, and others seeing how their professional lives are essential to the change we need. Second, I do believe that more and more churches are becoming hopeful, active agents for change – for a clean energy conversion, for environmental stewardship, and for the development of the kind of regenerative economy you stand for … ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. For example, I spent this last weekend with a group Presbyterians who “get it” and are forging ahead in creative ways.
Whether it’s the practice of law or ministry, there are encouraging signs afoot.
By the way, March 1 – 3, 2011, in the San Francisco area, there’s going to be a conference on this subject. I’ll be participating – so if you’re interested, check back on my schedule page for details which should be available soon.