spoken word from dominic flores

As part of the LA night experience where I spoke on connectivity/wholeness (Thursday), dominic flores shared a fantastic spoken word. It’s included after the jump. You can learn more about dominic’s work here.

Between you and me
Jesus do you love me
If you do text me l.u.v.
Cmon jesus answer me
Text me a.s.a.p.
Yo j, hit me back man
Catch me if you can
I’m the gingerbread man
Twitter me this batman
I fly by night
I google at the speed of light
Receiving information from the a.d.d. generation
Attention deficit spirituality
Fragmented message from a cosmic reality
Forwarded to me
And cc d
The lord downloads in mysterious ways
Maybe these are the last days
Of fear
For those who have a hands free ear let them hear
The beginning is near
Shed a tear for the king of pop
Dance till you drop refresh your laptop
Don’t stop till you get enough
This is the good stuff the diamond in the ruff
You can huff and puff but this house will not blow down
But it will turn your frown upside down
Insert smiley and say cheese for the webcam
I am what I am, frankly scarlett johanssen I don’t give a damn
Wham bam no thank you ma’am
I will not eat green eggs and ham
You can spam me or I.m. me
My dvr has set me free
Tivo me once shame on you
Tivo me twice shame on me
Hi diddle dee dee, the instantly gratified life for me
Simon says these are the days of miracles and wonders
Can you hear can you hear the thunder
What god has put together let no xbox put asunder
L.o.l that made me laugh out loud
I’m black and I’m proud
See the clouds it looks like rain
One drop for joy
One drop for pain
Like obama hopes
Its time to make a change
Let’s hope
The song does not remain the same
We’ve reached hi noon
2012 is coming soon to a theater near you
For todays remain showtimes press one now
For new consciousness press 2 now
For fear and destruction press 3 now
Now now now now now
Faster faster go cat go
I’m a one man show and I’m ready to go
But I can’t slow down
I can’t slow down
Faster faster tweet tweet tweet
I can’t compete
Delete delete
Step and repeat
I can’t slow down
I can’t slow down
Jesus do you luv me
Text me l.u.v.
By dominic flores