Speaking of the environment …

There’s a song on the Songs for A Revolution of Hope CD called “Hymn of Remorse.” It begins, “We covered over your colorful earth with grey cement. We cut down trees and stripped the soil wherever we went … Lord, have mercy.”
Another song, “Let Your Kingdom Come,” says, “Let your kingdom come, and let cool streams flow. Let fields flourish and fresh winds blow. Let your children save instead of destroy, so every creature can thrive, free in health and joy … let your kingdom come.”
We need songs like this, I believe, that acknowledge the beauty and goodness of creation, and face the truth that failing to care for God’s beautiful creation is a sin for which we must repent. You can listen and download the songs here.
If you’d like to learn your environmental address, start here … just plug in your zip code and start learning about the watershed in which you live.