Sons, Daughters, Parents

I’ve been hearing quite a few stories like this lately: young adults reading A New Kind of Christianand then sharing it with their parents, leading to some good dialogue.

…I have been especially thrilled lately to see my own father challenged by “A New Kind of Christianity.” He was in ministry … for over 20 years, and after leaving it for a career in business, the questions about his faith really started to pile up. He remained very committed to his faith in the process, but with an increasing amount of uneasiness. I told him about your new book and he was immediately intrigued. He had just finished Harvey Cox’s “The Future of Faith” (also on my recommendation) and really resonated with it on many levels. After reading your book though, it is all he can talk about when he and I talk – he is excited about his faith in a way I have not seen him be in years. He said you addressed all the questions he has been dealing with for a very long time – and best of all, your attempts to offer some humble answers to those questions made a lot of sense to him. He is refreshed, encouraged, and challenged. He is now re-reading it with my mother so they can talk about it together. Once again – thank you so much for your boldness and fresh way of talking about our faith! You have not only changed my life, but my father’s as well….