Some friends in Afghanistan are reaching out their hands in friendship.

Do you want to respond? Here’s how:

Dear friends,
Inspired by the Israel/Iran “Love and Peace Campaign” initiated by
Israeli graphic artists Ronny Edry and his wife, Michal Tamir, the
Afghan Peace Volunteers have likewise begun a Facebook “Afghanistan
Love and Peace Campaign”.
Together, the ‘everyday people’ of Afghanistan and the world can say
‘no’ to the economic and geopolitical wars waged against the 99%.
We want to tell the people of the world:
We love You.
No to war.
No to military solutions.
We invite ‘everyday people everywhere’, especially ordinary citizens
from the U.S./NATO coalition countries, to respond to one another with
‘We Love You!’ photos and messages posted on our Facebook “Afghanistan
Love and Peace Campaign”
It’s time that the people of the world stand together as One
Protesting Humanity against all wars. We choose to live and love
differently, for a different world.
Love and ‘salams’ from Afghanistan,
The Afghan Peace Volunteers