Seeking a church …

Two related questions that I hear again and again:

I am a former pastor (charismatic background) who has been on a spiritual journey for several years. Your books have had a profound impact on me and my wife (I’m reading “A New Kind of Christianity” for the 3rd time!) We have not been involved with a church/faith community for some time, but wish to find one in [our] area that is moving in the same direction that we are “travelling” – along the lines you describe in your books.
Do you know of any in [this] area that you could recommend?
I’m so thankful for the breath of fresh air your writings have been in our lives.


I am moving to [a new state] and was wondering if there is any church close by there that has the same values that you do? I have read a couple of books and have similar views and beliefs. I have been attending a First Baptist Church here in [another state], but feel ostracized for divorcing my husband. I have decided to attend a new kind of church when I move forward with my new life. Thanks for your help.

I wish there were some sort of website I could point to that would help folks easily find churches that are open to and grappling with the opportunities and challenges I and others write about. I don’t know of such a site yet, but maybe someday someone will create one?