Sabbatical Update

I’m about halfway through my first-in-my-life sabbatical. I’ve been home without a single plane trip for about four months. It has been amazing and wonderful simply a) hanging out with Grace, b) spending many each day hours outdoors (hiking, kayaking, fishing, bicycling, etc.), c) enjoying my home and yard, d) plotting future goodness with some creative friends, and e) being quiet and listening to the silence. Good for my soul.
I also completed my next book, which will be out in September. The new (and final!) title: The Great Spiritual Migration. More on the book (and a speaking tour) soon.
I’ve been working with a wonderful professional coach, seeking help in discerning priorities for the next ten years (60-70). My coach has in turn solicited input from a number of my friends and colleagues. I’m not rushing the process, but so far, it has been fruitful and meaningful … a great gift.
My flight-free record is being broken this week. I’m an Auburn Senior Fellow and will be with my colleagues in Colorado for a retreat for a few days. This is a special group of people whom I have grown to love and respect deeply. As always, your prayers are appreciated, and please know how grateful I am for a network of friends and allies like you who share the same soul-hunger and thirst for “justice, peace, and joy in the Spirit.”