Rumours of Glory: Bruce Cockburn biography

I love music, and I follow several musicians closely. But Bruce Cockburn’s songs have been my musical soundtrack since the early 70’s. I’ve seen him in concert more than any other musician, and I’ve quoted him often in my books. So I was thrilled when I was sent a pre-release copy of his new autobiography, Rumours of Glory.
For me, the book has been a kind of extended liner notes to the songs … filling in backstory, connecting the dots between lyrics and events in Bruce’s life. In the days after reading the book, I felt as one does after viewing a powerful movie … a little disoriented, like I had been sucked into another reality, into someone else’s world. “Knocked sideways,” as Bruce might say.
If you’re not a fan, get the book and download/listen to the songs as you encounter them in its pages. If you are fan, do the same. A wind will come out of nowhere and knock you sideways.
More on the book, and Bruce, here.