I leave in a few hours for a gathering in New Mexico … but before I go …
Alan Bean just let me know that I showed up in unlikely company here …
My friend Todd Hunter has finally written the book many of us have been hoping for him to write for years (Christianity Beyond Belief: Following Jesus for the Sake of Others) … available here.
Troy Jackson offers a hopeful but realistic assessment of Evangelicalism here.
Zach Exley offers some insightful reflections on capitalism and the economic crisis here.
Got this encouraging note from the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher (More below the jump …)

Thank you!! I know you receive a million emails a day like this and I don’t know if you will actually ever get or read this but thank you!! I was raised southern baptist, my dad was a preacher and i feel like i have loved God my whole life but I have also felt a bit strange weird odd amongst my christian friends. when i read your books i realized why. for the first time i really want to read the bible and i am EXCITED about my faith instead of bored when i am with christian friends or embarrassed when around nonchristian friends who know how cold and exclusive my church is. I must say when you said in your book more ready than you realize that it makes life complicated you werent kidding. i feel like my whole life has been shaken up and turned upside down. … Anyway I was told to read your books by my college minister who is the only christian i have ever known well that is totally inspiring and i got what she said. when i read your books i knew why she told me to read them because they say all the things she has been doing for years but i could never explain to people. ok this is long and i am terrible about punctuation and capitalization i apologize… anyways thanks…..

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