request for help

hey friends – I need your help with a special project. a group of us are developing something called “friends without borders.” the idea is to help people in “the west” to develop friendships with “the other” online. so we’d like to help a southern baptist teenager in alabama become friends online with a muslim teenager in afghanistan, or we’ll help a jewish mother in canada become online friends with a christian palestinian mom in gaza. that’s the big idea. what we need is a team of web-skilled persons willing to devote (i.e. donate) some serious time and skill to developing the website, and then another team to provide tech support once it’s running. this isn’t a small request … but it could have a big impact. if you’re willing to help in either way, would you send your info to we’ll select a small team of volunteers to join the larger team of volunteers around the world who are getting this idea off the ground. thanks!