Reflections on the Everything Must Change Tour, Part 2

I really have only one regret about the tour – well, make that two, no actually three.
First and most significant, I wish we had kept the gatherings smaller and had a lot more time for personal interaction. I did my best to be available during breaks, meals, etc., but I still wish I had more chances to talk to people in more depth on an individual basis. The people I had a chance to meet were so interesting and their stories were so compelling – but I know I missed the chance to meet probably half of the people or more in each city.
I told Linnea last week that if I we do another tour, instead of working for large groups in each city, I would seriously consider limiting each gathering to maybe 75 or so, and emphasize even more that this would not be a “learning event” as much as a “training trainers” event. I don’t now how the finances would work for something like that, and in the end I’m glad that everyone who wanted to come was able to come this time, but that’s my only significant regret.
Second, I wish we had more high school kids present. Maybe if we do another tour, we should do one just for high school students. My feeling is that the emerging generations have a natural “get-it factor” in regard to the EMC message … and it would be a delight to encourage and network them.
And third …

… I wish we had figured out a way financially to give every attender a copy of the CD of songs from the tour. That would have been a worthwhile take-away … although it’s still easy for folks to buy or download the songs online … we just didn’t think of it in time.
I guess one other regret comes to mind … and that’s that the people in Charlotte didn’t get to meet the folks in the San Diego, and the folks in the Bronx didn’t get to meet the folks in Charlotte, and the folks in Seattle didn’t get to meet the folks in Goshen, and so on. If you had met these people, you would know why I feel this way.
Looking ahead … well, I’ll save that for another post.