Readers write: exclusion, hateful rhetoric, courage, quietly standing in the place of love

Readers write:

I think there is a rumor that you are on sabbatical right now. You have come to our mind and been part of our conversations many times over the last little while. We thought it was high time to send you the note of encouragement we keep wanting to send. It’s a simple message…. and that is that we are very grateful for the work you are doing in chopping a path through the woods for folks like ourselves who are in a place of grief when we see the current political climate in the United States, the exclusion of our LGBT brothers and sisters in fellowship, or the hateful rhetoric spoken against friends of other faiths who are teaching us so much about what it means to trust God. Thank you for your bravery in embracing people who are seen as a threat to the culture of “Christianity.” It helps us to feel less alone, knowing that you are quietly standing in the place of love, rather than fear. We often wish that we could make a meal for you, and speak about these things face to face (in this life.)

Thanks for making contact. I am indeed on sabbatical, and your words bring me real encouragement. Thank you. Perhaps this absurd and crass political climate, not to mention the complicity of religion in so much that is wrong with it, will help more and more of us engage in “a great spiritual migration” to a better way of being Christian, and a better way of being human. We’re in this together!