Reader responses …

While I’ve been focused on my new book, I continue to hear good reports about previous books, like this:

I just finished reading a “Generous Orthodoxy” and found it to be one of the most enlightening and interesting books I have read.
We also have a small group of Methodists and Episcopalians reading, “everything must change”. It is also a great read…
Please keep writing and we will keep reading.

Here’s another:

I’ve just finished; Everything Must Change, and I wish all my Christian friends would read your profound words about when the world’s biggest problems and Jesus’ Good News collide. In my opinion you’ve “hit the nail on the head” ,and your refreshing thoughts and ideas are very exciting. I try to reflect the Light of Christ into the darkness of our world, and your book has encouraged me to continue without ceasing. We know it’s so easy to get discouraged and follow along with the suicide machine, but with God’s help and other Christians like yourself, we feel God’s love and praise Him for the life we’re given. In closing, I hope you’re having a blessed Holy Week and will have a most Joyful Easter.

And on NKoCy:

I think A New Kind of Christianity is just terrific. I identified with a lot of the questions. As a formerly Southern but still Baptist, and at the risk of being uncivil, any book that Al Mohler dislikes so much has got to be great!