Q & R: Your song Kindness

Here’s the Q:

I wrote to Steve Bell’s office & asked her about getting the music/chords to your incredible song: “Kindness”. They said that Steve didn’t have that & that I should ask you if you could supply this. I took up the uke (after years of not playing) last year & a friend of mine & I want to sing this song for our church sometime in the future. She is a very accomplished musician & said she thot she could figure out the chords but I said I’d contact you first to see what you’d say. That song is probably on that touches my heart more than many I’ve heard. The words are so meaningful at this time in our troubled world & I’d like to be able to play it. Please let me know if you can help me out.

Here’s the R:
First, let me say that I’m really excited about a new project to disseminate a new kind of Christian worship music. If you like “Kindness,” you’ll be interested in this. Check it out here – Convergence Music Project. (Music for a Just and Generous Christianity)
Second, here’s the song being played by Steve:

Finally, here are the lyrics with chords:
Christ has no body here but ours,
D G F#m
No hands, no feet, here on earth but ours.
Ours are the eyes through which He looks
On this world
With kindness.
Ours are the hands through which he works.
Ours are the feet on which he moves
Ours are the voices through which he speaks
To this world
With kindness.
Through our touch, our smile, our listening ear,
Embodied in us, Jesus is living here.
Let us go now,
Filled with the Spirit.*
Into this world
With kindness.
* Steve says “Inspirited” which works well.