Q & R: You have no real firm belief in anything

Here’s the Q:

I am a pastor of a fairly conservative assembly. I am open to the fact that I do not know everything but reading through your material it appears you have no real firm belief in anything, that everything is questionable? Can you please confirm what you do believe.
Is Jesus God?
Is Jesus the only way to the Father?
I ask these as it would appear (however as I said I have found nowhere that you believe one way or the other) that you feel all religions lead to God or to Heaven?
I would be grateful for your reply as it will not take long to give a yes or no answer.

Here’s the R:
It’s good that you’re open to the fact that you don’t know everything. When you say you’ve “read through my material,” does this mean you’ve actually read even one of my books with an honest and open mind? If you did, I’m quite certain you would not come away with the idea that I “have no real firm belief in anything,” and you would understand that your questions actually make assumptions that I find problematic.
To give a “yes or no” answer would be impossible without entering into deeper dialogue about those assumptions. For example, I don’t think Jesus’ intent was primarily to lead to heaven, but rather, to lead to God’s will being done on earth as in heaven, as the Lord’s Prayer makes clear. Perhaps this would prompt you to want to explore my work a little deeper? The book I’d recommend for you would be The Secret Message of Jesus. (The “secret” is not some gnostic mystery, but rather what Jesus refers to in Mark 4:11.)
The best I can do is to say that I believe, with John, that in Jesus the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us, and that if we’ve seen Jesus – a man of radical nonviolence and true compassion, we’ve seen the Father. And I’d say that various religions lead to many different goals and ends, their projects being (as John Cobb puts it) “incommensurable.” It’s simply inaccurate to suggest that all religions even intend to lead to the same goal.
So be assured, I do have firm beliefs. It’s just that some of them do not fit within some of your apparent assumptions.