Q & R: Why no Eastern Orthodox?

Here’s the Q:

Dear Brian, i got a hold of your book Generous Orthodoxy and have begun reading it.. I’m really interested in those things that unite the different streams in the Church and that each has redemptive gifts to the big C church as well as to the world. However i didn’t see a chapter including the Eastern Orthodox church. While i am an evangelical Protestant i guess, i value much of early church experience and the wisdom of the desert fathers soo i just wonder why you didn’t include this important but often overlooked stream of Christianity.

Here’s the R:
When you get a little farther in the book, you’ll see the Eastern Orthodox play prominently in the chapter on “Seven Jesuses I have known” and also in the chapter on “mystical/poetic.” I have heard from quite a few Orthodox folk – and Lutherans! – wishing I had included whole chapters. If I ever get a chance to write an updated edition, I’d love to include some new material like this. Thanks for your question!