Q & R: Why no comments?

A reader is disappointed that I don’t include comments here on the site.

In your recent blog post you write about converting those who do not accept the clean energy agenda. And, yet, there is no place for comments so that you might learn what it is specifically that turns people away from that agenda. Without that knowledge, and without addressing real concerns, it seems you are talking to yourself. And that you are not interested in a productive, collaborative approach. Did I miss the comments section and the dialogue?

Reply after the jump …

R: Thanks for your note. A few thoughts in reply …
– The main reason I don’t include a comments section here on my site is that I have a group of loyal but angry critics who frequently reply wherever I post (or am posted about) on the internet. The tone of their comments is frequently so harsh and ugly that I feel embarrassed to provide a platform for their views and/or rhetoric on my own site. I’m certainly not against disagreement – even spirited debate – but there is a kind of viciousness that I stay away from and don’t want to associate with. The only way I could have open comments in good conscience, then, would be to moderate the comments, but I only have so much time, and I haven’t been able to invest this kind of time. So, I understand your disappointment in this regard, and I myself have mixed feelings about this – and I have good friends that disagree with my decision. But until my conscience changes or the rhetoric moderates, this is the reason I don’t open this site for comments.
– However, people can and do comment on my blogs on Facebook.
– And I am a regular or guest blogger for Sojo.net, Huffington Post, and a number of other sites – where comments are always open.
– Finally, be assured that I read widely on the subject and so try to keep abreast of why people are opposed to the things I am advocating. As you can see here, I try to respond when people send in civil questions or comments …
Thanks for your feedback, and be assured this is a subject I will remain open to reconsidering.