Q & R: What Should I Read Next?

Here’s the Q:

Brian, I am currently taking a class on spiritual direction and my class leaders suggested, probably based on the questions I was asking, that I read your book “why did JMBM cross the road” . Having read this, and still having questions I then moved on to read your book “a new kind of Christianity” which, studying daily during lent and utilizing the bible extensively in my research I will complete my reading by Easter Sunday.
With all this reading and after attending your homily at St Pauls in Richmond a couple of weeks ago I am convinced you are on the right track and look forward to learning more.
My question therefore is which book do you recommend my reading next in my continuing journey with you?
I realize you are very busy, and just a one liner telling me which book you would recommend would be most helpful.

Here’s the R:
First, I’m sorry for the delay in responding! Here’s a one sentence response:
You should read We Make the Road by Walking.
It will show how ideas you’ve encountered in the previous two books are rooted in the Scriptures. Some other suggestions –
If your primary interest is …
Spirituality: Naked Spirituality of Finding Our Way Again
Faith and Contemporary Issues: Everything Must Change
Jesus: The Secret Message of Jesus
Faith and Postmodernity: A New Kind of Christian
Hell: The Last Word and the Word After That
The Biblical Story: We Make the Road by Walking or The Story We Find Ourselves In
Evangelism/Christian Witness: More Ready Than You Realize
You can find more information plus links to purchase these books here.
I hope that helps! Thanks for your interest.