Q & R: What narrative?

Here’s the Q:

Evolutionary Christianity is addressing issues you raised earlier in Everything Must Change. Is there a particular version of an Evolutionary Christianity meta-narrative that you feel is an ideal Framing Story for the Society Machine you depicted in Everything Must Change?
Thank you for your great body of work.

Here’s the R:
The first place I tried to sketch out a coherent alternative framing story (an alternative to what I call the Six Lined Narrative in A New Kind of Christianity) was The Story We Find Ourselves In. Following the old adage, “anything worth doing is worth doing twice,” I returned to that challenge in We Make the Road by Walking. I may just return to it a third time down the road … That’s how important I think your question is.
For now, those three books would be the best places to see my thinking on this important subject: The Story We Find Ourselves In, A New Kind of Christianity, and We Make the Road by Walking. My upcoming book, The Great Spiritual Migration, focuses a bit more on what it looks like if we live out that new narrative today.