Q & R: What do you think about Obama now?

Here’s the Q:

You stated that you were voting for Obama in one of your blog posts a while back because you figured Obama’s framing story was better. I did not like McCain or Obama and I am trying to take a fresh look at politics after reading your books. In light of Obama irrationally spending money in our current financial state and Obama’s ordering the attack on Lybia, what are your feelings about Obama now?

Here’s the R:
First, I wouldn’t simply write off the financial bailout of late 2008 as irrational unless you’ve really understood the consequences of the economic collapse that may have happened otherwise. And it’s important to remember that the original bailout was set up during the previous administration. Second, regarding stimulus packages, it’s easy to criticize without saying what should have been done instead. That’s not to say the stimulus program couldn’t have been done better, especially with hindsight – I can think of lots of things I wish were done differently. Third, like any president, President Obama hasn’t made every decision exactly as I would have – and of course that’s probably a good thing in most cases.
This article resonated with me in some ways:
I would only add (my online time is limited writing from over here in England at the moment …) that I think the system is pretty darn near broke, and so it would be hard for any president to look good when the systems is this dysfunctional. So I’m still a supporter of the president – always a critical supporter, of course, never a blind one.