Q & R: this “itch” I’ve been dealing with

A reader writes:

Just wanted to say thank you for your presentation … at Manchester Cathedral.
… I mentioned that we were a small group seemingly stuck in ‘perplexity’ as you described in your last book ‘Naked Spirituality’. One of the big stumbling blocks I have been chewing over in recent years actually was part of what you hit upon last night in the content matter of your new book. Having been fortunate to have travelled a little and witnessed people in their different cultures and habitats, I came to the conclusion that if I had been born to parents in Bangkok for example I would be steeped in the Buddhist tradition and perhaps may have had a slight glimpse or understanding of Christianity. Those folk I came across of that tradition were striving as they might to be best example of that faith just as much as I strive to be the best example I can as a Christian. I can’t help but think that if this God whom I serve is a God of overwhelming love, which I’ve experienced would look down on these other faiths and just shake his head. (Your response to the question put to you with regards, ‘no one comes to the father except through me’ was a huge source of encouragement to me in my understanding of this ‘itch’ I’ve been dealing with).
Am I being blasphemous to consider that other faith group individuals are simply doing what they have been taught in their cultural and religious upbringing like I have been in Christianity. And although our cultural and religious characters differ i.e. Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed etc., their motives and aspirations are being directed, like mine, towards this same God? . Hope my rumblings make some sort of sense.
No doubt, I’ll need to read your book and see if you touch on the above within it.

Thanks for your note. I think you’ll find a lot in the book that scratches that itch. Keep that group going – you’re obviously a community of learners (disciples) together!