Q & R: Study Guide for The Great Spiritual Migration?

Here’s the Q:

I’m guessing you are getting lots of inquiries on your new book, so I understand if you don’t have time to answer this, but if you have time….
I recommended your book to an awesome group of older women who have stumbled into progressive theology through their book studies. I’m hoping to bring a few to your event in Minneapolis in Sept. Wondering… will you have a study guide coming out on it?

Here’s the R:
Better than a study guide – I included questions at the end of each chapter of The Great Spiritual Migration. So it’s ready to go for a book study – and September 20 (the release date) is a good time for fall groups, I think.
There are 10 chapters, plus a preface, introduction, and afterword. There are also three substantial appendices. So – the books could work for a 10 – 15 week study easily.
If a group wanted to meet less frequently, the ten chapters are grouped in three sections, so folks could read (and the discuss online) and then come together three or four times to discuss the three sections and then maybe a recap or party at the end. (I think we need more parties!)
It will be great to see your group in Minneapolis. If they’re interested in the afternoon event, there are special group rates available that make it very affordable. Info here. Of course, the evening event is free – we’ll have a great time at both events.