Q & R: Resource after We Make the Road by Walking?

Here’s the Q:

As a pastor, I’ve been leading a weekly group called “Walking Together” for 2 years using Brian’s book “We Make the Road by Walking.” We love it – both the content and the format! But we’re coming to the end of the 2nd year using the same book. We may want to try something new. So, any suggestions as to another similar resource to use as we keep “walking together?” Our format is as follows: we start each week by sharing where we are in life, we read the recommended scriptures, read aloud the chapter, and answer the questions, followed by communion. Thanks.

Here’s the R:
First, I’m so glad you’ve found WMTR helpful. I just heard that the publisher is considering creating a year-long daily devotional based on the book. Exciting!
As for a follow up to WMTR, here’s an idea. My book Naked Spirituality is built around 12 simple words.
You could take one each month and simply work with it. There are two chapters for each word, so you could use one each week. You’ll find discussion resources here:
Then on the third week, you could practice the body prayers (Appendix B) … perhaps practicing one and reviewing the previous weeks. My friend Suzanne Jackson and I developed a beautiful set of videos to assist in this process – info here:
On the fourth week, you could do a creative art project (collage, poetry, photography, songwriting, banner-making, etc.) around each word.
Readers have been sharing resources on the book here:
Your question gets me thinking about creating a special lectionary that could go along with the book. Maybe a project for some upcoming plane flights!