Q & R: Recommended reading order?

Here’s the Q:

I just read your book A Generous Orthodoxy, well it was a re-read the first time I read it when it first came out I did not agree with any of what you had to say. but now after pastoring about 30 years ( calvary Chapel ) and growing closer to Jesus I have to say I found little if any that I disagreed with. my question is I want to read the rest of your books or ones you would recommend , is there a order of reading you would recommend. I am on a very exciting journey , for a lot of years I have been on the other side of the fence throwing rocks and not understanding what you were trying to say. but now Jesus has my attention and I want to learn more. thanks for your time and GOD BLESS YOU , God is using you in my life in a big way.

Here’s the R:
That’s a great question. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond …
Let me suggest three trails into my work, the third being most relevant to you:
1. For people who have left “the religion” but are still interested in spirituality:
A Generous Orthodoxy
Secret Message of Jesus
Finding Our Way Again
Naked Spirituality
We Make the Road by Walking
The Great Spiritual Migration (coming September 20, 2016)
2. For people who are most interested in a fresh vision of the social and political impacts of Christian faith:
Secret Message of Jesus
Everything Must Change
Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road
The Great Spiritual Migration
3. For people from a conservative Christian background (Protestant or Catholic) who are open to a new theological perspective:
Secret Message of Jesus
A New Kind of Christianity
We Make the Road by Walking
The Great Spiritual Migration
That third route will take you into some challenging theological rethinking at a pretty fast clip – but it sounds like you’re not only ready for it; you’re eager for it.
If you’re ready to jump into the deep end, you may just want to go straight to my upcoming book (Great Spiritual Migration) and then work backwards.
I hope that helps! Thanks again for your question (and your patience).