Q & R: Reading the Bible?

Here’s the Q:

When we spoke a couple of months back you made a comment about how often people read the bible as a “law book.” And I agree with that – it happens way too often. A good part of my journey over the last ten years has been a deconstruction of Scripture, followed by a reconstruction of what I believe the Bible is. So here is my question:
Have you written anywhere your view on the Bible? If not, would you care to reply with a brief explanation? I ask as I am taking our leadership through different ways of reading and interacting with Scripture. I am discovering a lot of good material – but always looking for more.

Here’s the R:

– 4 resources that should be of help.
1. We Make the Road by Walking is my attempt to give a reading of the whole Bible. You’ll see me grapple with the most difficult passages there …
2. On my website, I offer commentary on the book that explores a bit more of the interpretive approach here:
3. My upcoming book – The Great Spiritual Migration, especially Chapter 6 – is the best place to go. It will be out Sept. 20 –
4. Also, A New Kind of Christianity has a whole section called “The Bible Question” that should be helpful.
Thanks for this important question!