Q & R: Primers on Emergence?

Here’s the Q:
After 15 years as a faithful CofE parish priest I have recently stumbled across the emergent church…
I feel I may now have a way of  honouring God’s call for the next  15 year and beyond!
I’m studying for an MA in Xtian ministry and would value your suggestions as to which of your (or others) books to read as a primer on emergent church thinking/theology.
Here’s the R:
You’ll find a list of my books here:
If you’re interested primarily in theology, I’d recommend:
A New Kind of Christianity
Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road
If you’re interested primarily in a fresh view of the basic Christian message, I’d recommend:
The Secret Message of Jesus
We Make the Road by Walking
If you’re interested in my latest thinking and work, I’d recommend:
The Great Spiritual Migration
Thanks for your interest, and may your next 15 years be the best so far!