Q & R: Paul too?

Here’s the Q:

The conclusions you’ve come to in your books appear to be a much more accurate and beneficial way to read the gospels. I am very grateful. However the orthodoxy seems to unravel a bit when venturing into the Epistles, primarily Paul’s. Do reject parts of Paul’s teaching? And if not, can you point me in the direction of how to better understand his writings?

Here’s the R:

Thanks for your question. Some folks are willing to say that Jesus and Paul preach two different gospels. Those who say this differ on whose gospel they side with – some say Jesus (who, they say, proclaims the gospel of the kingdom), others Paul (who, they say, proclaims the gospel of justification).
I believe the real gospel is Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom of God, and that Paul affirms this gospel rather than replaces, twists, or otherwise competes with it. I think it is a misreading of Paul (especially Romans) to think that Paul proclaims a different gospel. I talk about this at some length and in some detail in my newest book, A New Kind of Christianity. You would especially want to read The Gospel Question, but that would be enriched by reading several of the previous questions as well – especially the Narrative and Jesus questions. In my experience, Paul’s writings blossom when we interpret them in light of Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom.