Q & R: Our adult children don’t have church in their lives

Here’s the Q:

Brian — thank you for a challengingly thoughtful and inspirational evening [recently], starting with our discussion at the table and then your talk and Q&A after dinner.
A question for when you have a moment — and perhaps the readers of your blog might be interested as well —
We are blessed with having two children (ages 39 and 35), each with their own children. Both of our kids were high achievers in college and grad school, and now in their careers. But, they and their families do not have a church in their lives.
In view of our discussions last evening, could you recommend one of your books that might start as a platform for family discussion of these issues?

Here’s the R:
I think 3 of my books might be especially helpful.
If your adult children are interested in theology, A New Kind of Christianity would be a good place to start. You could even choose a few of the ten questions to talk about.
If they’re more interested in politics and social issues, Everything Must Change would be ideal.
And if they’d consider themselves “spiritual but not religious,” Naked Spirituality would be a good choice.
I’d love to hear how things go …