Q & R: Other economic systems?

Here’s the Q:

Ever since watching your presentations at Conspire 2018, I have been devouring your YouTube videos and internet articles. I am starting to read your books, too, but haven’t yet finished them so maybe you answer my question in one of them. Please excuse me if you have.

In one of your videos, or at the Conspire conference, I now can’t remember where I heard this, you spoke about the possibility of other forms of economic systems rather than the current one that we practice world wide that we must constantly grow our economy. You said that our earth cannot accommodate this. I have thought this way for many years. Why do we always seem to focus on how much the economy is growing? Why is our economy in the U.S. so tied to the construction industry which to me just seems to destroy more and more of nature and to use up our natural resources?

My economics background is limited to one course in high school.  But your comment interested me. What are other options? Where can I learn about these options? The way our world is going at present doesn’t seem to me to be consistent with stewarding God’s creation, maintaining it for future generations and all the world’s people yet I don’t know enough to decide what other ways are available and how I can contribute in my little way in bringing about these other more sustainable economic systems.

Thanks for your incredible thoughts and guidance.

Here’s the R:
The book where I’ve written most directly on this subject is “Everything Must Change.” I think you’d find it helpful.
One of the economists I drew most deeply from in that book was Herman Daley. His book “Beyond Growth” is a classic. Easy to read and super helpful.
Also, if you search for “regenerative economy” you’ll find all kinds of inspiring resources.
Thanks for this question. I wish both of our main political parties in the US would commit to a regenerative economy, and then compete to find the best path forward. Short of that, I wish one of our parties would make this commitment … because ultimately, we will need economic, political, and personal actions all leading toward a new economy that embraces long term values as well as short term ones, and that embraces spiritual and human values prior to monetary values.
Also – here’s a great sermon on the subject of caring for the earth from my friend Rev. Roy Terry: