Q & R: Naked Spirituality for a Summer Sermon Series

Here’s the Q:

Good afternoon! I hope that this finds you well… Without taking up too much of your time, I wanted to briefly pick your brain in hopes that there might be some wisdom that we here could benefit off of.
This Summer, at [our congregation] we are planning on going through your book, Naked Spirituality, where we will look at a word every week. Each of us are super excited about it and are curious if you have any advice as to how we could best maximize this experience. Have you seen churches go through this really well? If you were leading a church, are there any rhythmic practices that you’d incorporate as you go through the 12 words? Are there any extra resources that would be great companions for a community as they go through your book?
I know that you’re incredibly busy, but if you have any wisdom to offer up on this, we’d be grateful.

Here’s the R:
I’m thrilled you’re doing this. I wrote the book in hopes it would be used in exactly this way. You’ll find a bunch of resources here:
And here, various congregations have shared their resources.
Also, if you have folks interested in yoga, we developed a whole course integrating the 12 words with physical movement. Info here: