Q & R: Mission agencies

Here’s the Q:

Here is a question I have been wondering about and am personally interested in:
Which mission organizations today are theologically and missiologically compatible and supportive of your teachings and viewpoints?

Here’s the R:
I’d LOVE to answer this question, but I am hesitant. Let me explain why.
I have close relationships with the leaders of several mission organizations. I know they are personally “compatible and supportive” (which doesn’t mean 100% agreement on every issue, obviously). But I also know they have a wide constituency that includes people who do not consider themselves compatible and supportive (often, based on misunderstanding and misinformation). There are people who monitor this site and if I were to mention the names of some mission agencies that I consider supportive, they would use my “endorsement” to harm those organizations. So … I think I’ll defer, and hope you understand why.