Q & R: Learning How to Love

WAY back in the 1970’s I recorded an LP (remember those?) of original music which is now available for free download here.
I recently received this inquiry …

Hi Brian..I love ‘Immanuel’…”Sailing out on Life’ and “Believe on Him” on your 1976 album (I downloaded it)….VERY EXCELLENT WORK!
I love the entire album but those were my absolute favorites…
By any chance, do you have the guitar tabs etc that I may learn how to play these songs on my guitar?

Reply after the jump …

R: I’m so glad you enjoyed the songs. I don’t have tabs on the songs, unfortunately, but I can give you a bit of info about those three.
Immanuel is in key of G … the first chord is the weird one – it’s a D-diminished add 6 (X – X – D – Ab – B – F). Here are the chords for the verse:
Ddim – Am7sus4-Am7 – D – Gsus4-G – D/F# – Em – Am7sus4-Am7 – B7 – Em
The instrumental section pulls an Am7 up two frets, then goes down to an G, then resolves with a B7-Em – B7-C – G
Sailing Out on Life is in the key of D, with a C9 – Em7/B – D run in the verse.
I Believe in Him is in the key of D. It keeps an open high-E string with a hammered-on F#, and runs through these chords:
D – F#m – G – D – Em7/B – D
Em – D/F# – G – G
Em – A – D
I hope that helps!