Q & R: Journaling?

Here’s the Q:

I’ve been recently devouring your book A Generous Orthodoxy. It’s opened up my mind to many things. One question: what do you think about “spiritual journaling”? Do you keep a spiritual journal/diary (or any kind of journal)?

Here’s the R:
I’m so glad you’re enjoying AGO.
About journaling – yes! I was introduced to journaling when I was about 18. It has been one of the most important spiritual disciplines of my life. I wrote prayers, reflections on Scripture, poetry, etc. in personal journals for decades. In recent years, the more I’ve made a living as a writer, the less fruitful journaling has been for me (for reasons that are easy to imagine), which has prompted me to explore other forms of prayer that aren’t as connected to writing (body prayer, contemplative prayer, “simple word prayer” as I described in Naked Spirituality). But even so, I still keep a journal, but just use it less frequently, and I highly, highly, highly recommend it for everyone.