Q & R: Heterosexuality

Here’s the Q:

I have searched your website for writings or references about sexuality which are not about the sin/ not sin or hetero / homo issues, but I have not found what I am hoping for.
Perhaps I have missed something? In Naked Spirituality you talk in passing about ‘coming out’ as sexual creatures, and parenthesised (and passed over) this comment : “it’s interesting how intellectual and spiritual capacities seem to develop along with sexual ones”. Your introduction to spirituality talks about an ‘inner sensitivity to aliveness, meaning and sacredness in the universe’, and integration (re-ligion?) of all our human experience. These suggest to me that you may have further thoughts about all the good things about sexuality and sex, not only all the difficult bits! Have you written more on sexuality or can you recommend the writings of someone who has?
…Recently my experiences in Psychotherapy, Alexander Technique lessons, and the possibilities that thinking and talking around the faith issues in your books have opened up, have enabled me to let down some mental, emotional and physical tensions/ barriers with the consequence that I have glimpsed beauty and depth and freedom in my human existence that I never knew were there. Perhaps this is the further (middle age) developing of ‘intellectual and spiritual capacities ….along with sexual ones’? (Hooray!) I would like intelligent, wise help along this path – can you offer any direction? Thank you. When are you coming to the UK?

Here’s the R:
Thanks for your note. On your last question – I was in the UK in December for a Greenbelt-organized book tour – I probably won’t be back until 2014. On your larger question – I would very much like to read the book you’re asking for. I agree with you – we need a good “theology of sexuality” that isn’t preoccupied with controversial issues and that explores the goodness of human sexuality as part of creation. I don’t know of that book – but maybe it exists and some folks will post ideas over on my Facebook page. (Be sure to find the real one – there have been some fake pages put up lately.)
There’s a book called Unprotected Texts by Judith Kunst that you would find interesting – it traces the theme of sexuality through the Bible. But I think what you’re looking for is more of a “systematic theology of human sexuality,” and that book deserves to be written if it hasn’t been already.