Q & R: He is 30 … how many others are like him?

Here’s the Q:

Just to briefly say thank you for all you do and speak of Brian.
Still trying to wrap my head around some of your thoughts and things, but you have been, and continue to be, an oasis in my faith.
I was able to have a conversation with my brother recently about my evolving faith-this is very unusual for us to have that sort of talk as he is scarred by a church upbringing. He was interested though and said he thought some of the perspectives I talked of were refreshing.
At that moment I saw he is agnostic not because he doesn’t want to have any kind of faith- he simply can’t stomach the faith he inherited in light of his culture and who he is- he wants to maintain his integrity and I salute him for that.
He is 30. How many others are there like him?

Here’s the R:
I’m in Lakeland, Florida, this weekend, working with my friends at Coalition of Immokalee Workers. It’s a great honor to meet people who are practicing a kind of faith that I think your brother and others like him would find inspiring. But so many people haven’t ever seen this “new kind of Christianity” in practice – so all they know is an approach to faith that feels like a step away from integrity instead of a step into greater integrity.
That’s a great word – integrity – one I think a lot of readers will carry with them today. Thanks for sharing it.