Q & R: from a Christian college student

My name is [abc] and I currently attend [an Evangelical college] as a christian ministries major. I just finished a new kind of christian, and it blew my mind. This whole idea of community, spirituality, and missional is something I am all about and I feel like the church is completely missing this! We’re too interested in ourselves, and I think the church is too focused on that. We should be so in love with Jesus that we can’t help but reach out to others! Anyways, I’m trying to figure this whole thing out because I feel like the status quo just isn’t working, but that is what I’m learning how to do. We are so good at church we forget about God completely. Is there a book/resource that explains and gives more details about being a spiritual/community/missional church like this?

I’m so glad you enjoyed A New Kind of Christian. It’s the first of a trilogy – I think you’d enjoy the sequels too. Among my books, I’d also recommend Everything Must Change and Secret Message of Jesus, which you can learn more about here.